Saturday, April 09, 2005


Well, i have had the most frustrating past 2 days with my isp reading "errors 104" every time i went to post on here. I have been able to read everyone elses blogs, but my own has been off limits :(
I've also had a few other probs with this provider in the last 6 weeks. It won't let me open my email on the first attempt, it does it on the second and third. I have also had a few other pages refusing to open. I have dial up, and this provider i have used for the last 2 years and the price i pay is great and until recently, not a problem. The main isp here, has just introduced broadband to my area, with free connection. I contemplated the idea however decided against because being a new area there are bound to be problems as have occured in other "new" areas and the price is no cheaper infact greater than what i am paying now. Anyhow, my current isp will be recieving a nice email from me :)


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