Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Fine Weather Ahead..............i Think!

Well, i have finally made it back from my little somewhat soggy respite. I have lived in the tropics for 15 years now, and one would think i'd be an old hand at this "wet season & cyclonic" weather conditions, however i am not. I think i'd be better if i had a new roof put on the back part of my house; its quite old and has a sky light running the length of the rumpus room and occasionly leaks. I don't know, i just have nightmares about it coming off in a cyclone....yeah sure i'm insured but it don't help when 12 inches of rain is pissing through your roof. Anyhow, the wind has died back a little and the rain, well its still here but we're having longer dry spells than 3 or 4 days ago. I am duly impressed with our electricity company. In the past i have been without power for hours and one year a week at a time. This time, power outages were few and far between.
In the middle of all the wild weather "A" had her first day back at school since the second week of December 2004. My big 5th grader was looking forward to seeing all her friends and sharing holiday stories about who saw what movie and who got the coolest xmas present! Armed with a school back pack, that if dropped would break any toe,hat and her joyous ( happy to have my house back) mother, "A" eagerly ran through the school gate to find out what class she'd be in this year. The school gardener was obviously still on vacation as the lawns were not mowed and the grass on the school oval was as tall as me! So gingerly i navigated my way looking for reptiles, following "A" to her old classroom. "MUM.....I'm in grade 5R with Kodi, Jai and Bridie.......ohhhh Lizzie isn't in our class, she's in the other grade 5 class, what a bummer"! Thankgoodness i thought, kids she has grown up with are back in her class again........Lizzie was in the classroom next door, still easy access!! So in we trot, i introduce myself and "A" to the new teacher, then find a desk for "A" to sit at. We unpacked all her school books,pencils etc and other children arrived as time marched on towards 9am. A little girl came in and i heard her say she was new to the school, so i went over and lead her back to "A"s desk......"A", this is Lydia, she is new and wouldn't it be nice if she sat at your desk, i said. "Yes mum, hi Lydia, where did you come from"? Wonderful i thought, i have always taught "A" to welcome any new child into her class, it must be very frightening walking into a strange place with 24 pairs of eyes on you. So, with the 2 girls chatting i felt it my cue to exit. "Have a super day, my darling and i want to hear all aobut it when i come get you"....thanks Mum...love you. I even kept my promise not to kiss her goodbye!!! I adore my precious girl.


Blogger No_Newz said...

It's so nice to read about all the good news from your home front! A sounds like a sweetheart.
Lois Lane

3:55 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Lois ~ Aren't they all at times..lol! Bummer we live miles apart,i'm sure our girls would hit it off!

9:48 AM  

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