Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Summer Day of Dust, Rain,Snow and Thunder

Last night i awoke to rain falling and thunder cracking. I quickly ran out to the rumpus room and closed the glass sliding doors at either end before ay rain decided to come through the screens.
I hoped i had closed "A"s windows suffiecient enough to stop the rain coming in on an angle, and jumped back into bed again. I looked at the clock....11.12pm in a red glow. *Sigh* is that freaking head is killing body is killing me.......i'm sore all over and have no one else to blame it on! I get as comfortable i as possibly can and thankgod i have the bed all to myself to wallow in my misery. At least the airconditioning is cooling my office and bedroom down, ready for 100dg temperatures yet again.
I awoke again at 3am.....i swear i have ross river fever ( a mosquito born virus) why else would my body feel 40 years older than its 40 years. Fuuuuuuuckkkkk.......i am going prop myself up with pillows after i stagger back from the loo. So, with pillows behind me, i fell asleep only to be woken by my darling princess doing a swan dive onto the bed at 6am......."morning mum".....time for a hot drink, she says! Now how can i possibly inflict my misery onto that?
So with my aching muscles i stagger out into the kitchen and put the coffee on and "A" makes her usual chocolate milk drink.
My jaw is killing me on one side...i dunno if its my wisdom tooth.....ear or what....but it hurts/aches. I loathe taking anything so i decide to wait to see if it cooks itself up into anything bigger throughout the day.
Twas a longggggggggg morning....i had to faces dishes in the sink from the night befores pasta alfredo, at least i soaked them.
Twas time to take "A" to school, out the door we feeling like shit and "A" her usual chatterbox self. "MA' check the sky out................its all gray".
I tell you, it was just like being in was dust.........dust everywhere, yeah i know i live at the beach.....silly huh. We're surrounded by mountains on one side and islands the other.
The day was amazing...the sky amazing...........its summer and Melbourne in parts had snow!! Other States and cities were hit badly with hail the size of golf balls,flooding etc. It is spooky what the weather is doing everywhere around the world.
I still felt like shit and was glad to drop "A" off and come home to my humble abode here and wallow in my misery....just me and the cat.........that is until i saw Magz online and harrassed her till one of my clients spoilt my fun!
I am off to cook an early dinner, take a few paracetamol.......and watch starts tonight and i can't wait! Did you know it was filmed right down the road from my place? Well part of it was :o)
Have a great night all!


Blogger Bookfraud said...

So this is what the north is like during the "wet." 40+ degrees C, storms waking you up, mozzies carrying viruses. Makes us supposedly tough New Yorkers look like wimps. (When it comes to weather, they're total losers -- a half-inch of snow=armageddon). Take care of that tooth...

1:33 AM  
Blogger magz said...

awwwww... yer so tuff i didnt even know you was hurting!!

feel better sis...and harrass me ANYTIME! I had BIG fun!

2:39 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Bookfraud ~ hehe you must have been here for our "wet" season! Let me tell you...we've had one weeks worth of rain so far and still waiting!!

Magz ~ I had fun too. Yeah i was a miserable bag yesterday. I feel quite a bit better today...i think its my ear :(

4:56 PM  

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