Thursday, December 01, 2005

Schools out!

Well i certainly made it back however not as early as i'd have liked to have. It's 3.35 i the afternoon and i'm only just eating my lunch! My exam went well, nothing out of the blue. My only concern is that i didn't write enough in depth material, but hey i only had two and a half hours to write in. As long as i get a mark that keeps my GPA up i will be happy, otherwise my ideals of fast tracking my way to Dr Michelle, will be out the window!
It's still dreadfully hot and humid. Yesterday we had huge storms, but when they'd finished, the sun came out hotter than ever :( no fair. Hopefully next week i should get word about the new part arriving....please.
We decided to put the Christmas tree up and decorate the house ( nothing too Griswold) last night. Stupid me though, did not put away one of electrical leads with the tree, and now i can't turn the damn tree on. It's a neon tree, and looks a treat when working. We used to have a huge 7 foot tree, but that idea last year and this one has gone out the window because of the cat. "Gizmo" loves trees, and decorations and given the chance would dearly love to climb the tree. The neon one heats up at the tips so that kind of freaks "Gizmo" out therefore she's just happy to sit and stare at the tree rather than climb it! I can't get over how this city ligts it's homes up for Christmas. People spend so much money on lights and outside decorations, blows me away. We usually spend a night pigging out on junk food whilst driving round looking at everyones efforts. I wonder if they make a big deal where you live? Do you make a big deal?

till next time, Michelle.
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