Tuesday, November 29, 2005

And the times they are a changing...............

Asad reminder of what our countries are coming to re terrorism. One of our major dept stores in our nations capital Canberra, here in Oz, has decided to ban putting Christmas gifts for under privliged children under its Christmas tree this year. Why? Becuase it believes that doing so may encourage terrorists to place a bomb in one of the wrapped parcels. I'm sure Canada, America and the UK all do as what we do, that is, organised charities such as Red Cross, St Vincent de Paul, etc rely on donations from those who are fortunate enough to spare a gift for a needy child. We normally buy something in one of the dept stores wrap it and place it under the tree with a childs age on it, it is then collected by the then said charity and hopefully, no child will go without a gift on Christmas day. Now this one store has decided on this, talk is that others around Australia will follow. Certainly many of us said, why can't we leave an unwrapped gift under the tree and the said charity can wrap it? No go :( The children won't miss out entirely though. We are able to leave an envelope with money and the charity will then go on to purchase a gift. Better than nothing i guess. But really, given the modus operandi of terrorists and the fact Australia may have only 50 people who may be considered a threat, i think it's pretty pathetic that we as a nation have to stoop this low as a "just in case" measure.

till next time, Michelle.

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