Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lost Expectations

My goodness this coffee tastes good. It's just after 1pm, and whilst i've had no lunch, this coffee makes up for it! I would normally have had 2 or 3 by now, but only managed half a cup this morning as we were running late for school! Do your kids watch tv cartoons in the mornings? I keep threatening to turn the tv off, but "A" has been pretty on time lately and it is ME who is the culprit; too busy doing household chores etc, and peeling apples for "A" lunch............all of 10 and her mother is peeling her apple for her!
Speaking of 10. It was 10 years ago to this very day i was in expectation of something wonderful. Oh to have my expectation shattered by another 10 days! My due date for "A" was November 22nd. Like an innocent fool, i listened to old wives tales my friends and colleages passed on......"Michelle, if your mum was early with you, and early with your brother, then you will go early too". My mother had me 2 months early and my brother also 2 months early, both of us combined shared "A"s birth weight!! Yes people, i listened and every day that drew closer to my due date, i hoped and prayed today would be that day! I had a brilliant pregnancy...loved every bit of it! Not one day of illness did i have. I was tired though, my body was bloated and i could not wait to have her out and show her off!
So this date came and went. I then listened to the "If your mum had 2 easy births, then you will too" stories!! Damn what a fool i was..........but i shall leave that story for next week!
Of course it was to be 10 days later much to my disgust, and of course "A"'s disgust today! The girl is cursing herself today. "Why couldn't i have come on my due date"? " If i had, i would be getting a birthday present today! Now, i have to wait! "Mum, cant you just gimme something for being due on that date"??! LOL, nice try sister, next week :o)

till next time, Michelle.
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