Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's the Weekend

No idea why i'm feeling il, maye it was the half a box of jelly babies i ate. Well, i knew i'd be on a mission today to get everything i wanted done. This moring i was behind, then caught up, as of now.....behind. This being a homemaker/mother thing has it's crap points! Whilst doing all these things, i have to keep reminding myself, i have exams in a week...i know nothing of the eleven theories and all their components....i better start studying. I also better do something about the unibrow forming on my face! It aint a good look, on me anyhow! My feet look dreadful, i had better take off the chipped nail polish and re do that too.
Whilst lurking around on your blogs, i was pissed off at me, but glad for all of you who have begun their xmas shopping! I think i mentioned in a previous post i usually am very organised...not this year, well that is until today. Yes people I purchased 2 boxes of Christmas cards! Lord knows when i will get to write them, but i have them :o)
The shopping centre i went to was packed with cars even parking on grassed feature areas! Crazy. I hate this time of year in some ways. It brings the worst out in people looking for car parks! I hate finding one and waiting patiently whilst the person backs out.............then out of the blue around another corner, some arsehole steals your spot you've been waiting 5 mins for!!! Old women are the worst LOL....ggrrrrr. Then when you say something to them, they look at you like your a freakin alien...HUH??? What did i do wrong??? You stole my parking spot granny! Makes me just wanna shake her!!
I think i may add a wee bit of xmas to my blog, before giving it a 2006 overhaul.
Well i better race off and vacum these floors and wash them, before making Chinese for dinner......mmmmmmmmmm yummo! Have a good weekend y'all.

till next time, Michelle.


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