Monday, November 21, 2005

Shut Eye Disclosures.

Im stealing this memememe from
GEL , I thought it was something just that bit different than the same old same old!

Shut Eye Disclosures................

1. How many pillows do you sleep with? I use one, but there are others on the bed.

2. Do you sleep in the nude? Usually have knickers on! I mean, what if there's a fire!

3. Do you use a top sheet? This time of year, NEVER! Winter, definately.

4. Do you fall asleep in front of the tv? Are you peeking at me; tons of times!

5. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Heh, my pussycat sometimes sleeps at the end of the bed, that is she used to, i think i've booted her off in my sleep a few times!

6. Do you sleepwalk? No.

7. Do you wear socks to bed? In Winter i do, i hate Winter i freeze!

8. Can you see in the dark? Yep i have no problem.

9. Do you eat in bed? Ahem, yes i have been known to!

10.Do you have nightmares? Yes sometimes.

11. Do you dream? Yes.

12. Are you a normal, light or heavy sleeper? I am a very light sleeper.

13.Do you fantasize in your sleep? Hmm who wrote these questions.....Yes i have!

14. What size is your bed? Queen size

15. Do you snore? Great do i humilate myself or lie?.........Nope!

16. Do you braid your hair before bed? LOL, like i have time!! No but because my hair is naturally curly and long i do tie it back, otherwise i end up with a face full of hair!

17. How many hours sleep do you average a night? Five sometimes 6

18. Do you hug your pillow? When i first lie down i do, I'm a wriggler though, so it never lasts!

till next time, Michelle.
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