Monday, May 28, 2007

12 months on..............

Spooky photo ehh, what a difference 12 months can make when theres been no rain. Its not an area near to where i live ( we have enough rain for the whole country), but to te South of the State.
I hope you are all keeping well and life is treating you kind :o)
Its been a busy few weeks, and will continue to be busy for me. I had Uni exams last week, a bone scan ( man i hate hospitals) and June sees a very busy court list, a job interview and meetings.
So folks, my mortality was finally tested last week. I had to spend the day in hospital having a bone scan. Short right ankle and foot have been hurting dreadfully, so much so i have felt its been fractured. Saw my GP who suspects i have Psoriatic Arthritis.........charming. After discussions with him about possible pain relief etc, he took my blood pressure................145/90!!!
I have never suffered from high blood pressure , till then! Mine is usually 110/75, with a pulse of 71. Doc believes it was a reaction to the news of the arthritis......i bloody hope so! Then it was off to have a lite of blood drained ( well thats what it felt like!).....testing for a million different diseases including............................cholesterol! My last reading was 4.5 ( we measure it differently here than in the States), perfectly normal :o) Heheh.........i bet it will be 8 by the time i get the results on Friday. So its off to the Dr's for me on Friday for all the results, man it sucks getting old. I had to laugh............whilst in the waiting room for my bone scan, 3 elderly men were all chatting bout the good ol days! Each had a lunch had 16 different types of medication, the 2 others.......11 on earth do they fit food in??!


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