Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dream Interpretations....

Ok you lot that spend your life deciphering peoples dreams.........decipher this!

I recently dreamed that i was living with a serial killer/cannibal! We lived in an old farmhouse, out near a swamp. The dream itself was dark......not too much light. There was no one in the dream that i knew, they were all new characters. It was very graphic, lots of blood and guts, and i knew the fellow was killing and eating people.
The time when i woke, i was screaming at the man ( who was ripping chunks of flesh off a torso with his teeth) to stop, that he had to stop doing this type of thing......especially to kids ( kids and adults were being killed by him and eaten). As i mentioned, it was very graphic, and there was lots of blood so i was glad to wake when i did.

Strange thing is, i hadn't worked on any cases, read anything, watched any movies, relating to anything remotely like this. So why on earth did i dream it?


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