Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ritalin Overdose

A Sydney judge has sparked controversy claiming the drug Ritalin, used to treat ADHD, is creating a generation of violent teenagers.
Ritalin is prescribed to hundreds of thousands of disruptive Australian children.
Sydney judge Paul Conlon said the ADHD treatment is helping create violent teenagers.
"It's my view that it's one of the most over diagnosed conditions in today's modern society," he claimed.
"They end up going on to other drugs which causes them, the problems in relation to crimes of violence."
Dr Michael Kohn from Westmead Children's Hospital disagreed.
"One of the concerns and it's certainly understandable that the community and judges alike have difficulty with the diagnosis of ADHD, is that it's based on subjective observations of behaviour," he said.
"We know that Ritalin has helped a number of young people stay in education, so the vast majority of people who are prescribed medications such as Ritalin, receive those benefits"
More than 250,000 Ritalin prescriptions were handed out in Australia last year, up from just 11,000, 15 years ago.

So my friends, what do you think?

My view is that ADHD is a real disease. Many families would be trouble if it wasn't for this drug.
It has proven to assist and treat kids with this disease. I do however believe in Australia it is over diagnosed (ADHD). My personal opinion is that many kids have autism,aspergers, oppositional defiance disorder, that has been treated under the guise of ADHD. As has been just *naughty* kids, ones whose parents have not been there, or spoilt them from a small age ad now find they can't control them.
I also believe that parents should be having their kids checked out and evaluated annually, as the condition can change. By doing so, medications can be changed and adjusted. One only needs to look at the figures above to see the outrages increase.
As for the violent crimes, well, i don't believe its the Ritalin causing them, its the damn condition the kids have. Also, think about it, Ritalin is like Speed to someone without the actual disease, so if a diagnosis is given and the kid is on Ritalin when they don't have ADHD, of course the kid is going to act up.


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