Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thinking Blogger

Thanks so much to Connie for nominating me the Title of "Thinking Blogger"! An absolute pleasure to be nominated :o)
Now that i have been nominated, i must choose 5 friends to also nominate! Only 5?? Man that sucks, i enjoy Everyone! So if it were up to me i'd choose all of you :o), however i must follow the rules............................
1. Dale, i admire Dale for his honesty and conviction in the things that are important to him. His blog is funny, witty and at times, heartbreaking; Dales love for his family is warming :o)
2. Dave, is great fun and a great source of photos. He combines a "science" and "environment"type theme with personal stories :o)
3. Barbara shares her love of music, poetry and heart with her readers. Nothing is ever boring over at Barbaras blog :o)
4. Dave is always great for gadgets! He always finds cool stuff floating around cyberspace that can be used on your computer, for fun and for the serious user :o)
5. Phoenix always leaves me wanting more! I wish he would post more often. If you're into "science"......the strange........the funny........the bizarre, then rush over to The Phoenix :o)
So, these are my 5 nominations for the Thinking Blogger Award! I wis i could nominate everyone!


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