Friday, March 23, 2007

Sneaking In

Holy moly...over 2 weeks since i lasted posted! Yes Dale, it is a record! I even had to go find my password because i couldn't remember! Thanks so much for your inquiries as to where i am. Working flat out is basically my answer. I have also had some University papers due, so any spare minutes i have had, have gone into producing something remotely passable. I also promised that before i posted anything else, i would visit you all first......i have reniged :( I am hoping to remedy that this weekend.....i hope to have some spare time, i have much reading to catch up on. The matter that i posted about below was 2 days ago. The young witness in question sadly could not remember too much so it doesn't look too promising, i'm hoping her mother will do much better.
Have i told you how much i have missed you all?!


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