Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hump Day!

Hi all, thanks so much for all your comments, and thanks to "Bulldog" for an easy explanation of the brain teaser below. Before i post anything else, i want to take the time to come visit all of you.
Life is busy by the sea. I have an icky, yukky, revolting matter coming up in court in a week or so. Beastiality...........ewww....i have to prepare myself mentally for this one. Firstly, i have to try to put the sarcastic comments from colleagues out of my head.....the jokes.......and the actual grossness of it all!! I hope i can control my facial features LOL. Just knowing one of my witnesses was too traumatised by the whole thing to make a statement churns my guts.
Lordy, what makes people do these types of things?


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