Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shock less of a Factor....

I'm going off the top of my head here, but i am sure i read some stats that quoted the USA having less road deaths than Australia (someone pull me up if i'm wrong). I wonder if you in the US, Canada & UK have campaigns to reduce road deaths? And if so are they working?
I wonder if the graphic roadside ads here in Oz, showing graphic injuries...kids crying etc, are wearing off? Are we tuning out, not taking note anymore? Well, according to recent research by a local University, it appears we are. It may be time to change course and pehaps use humour as an alternative.
Research has revealed we are numbing to the shock factor. Participants believed that pleasant and safe driving needed to be focused upon rather than negative bloody scenes, however drivers in the 18-25 age group (the highest age bracket killed), found the positive ads condecending and belittling and chose to ignore them.....so whats the answer?
Personally, i can't look at them.....one in particular (and i've not seen it in a while) where a baby is thrown out of the car and cries after the collision...freaks me out and upsets me...i switch channels till its over. The thing is, shock factor is everywhere....on the news....video games.....the only suggestion i can give is to have teens and 20 somethings visit schools and educate kids......get the message across that you're not 7 feet tall and bulletproof.
What do you think?


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