Sunday, February 04, 2007

What's a Frog Supposed To Do?

When its ben raining non stop for a week? We've had 35 inches of rain in 5 days, much more than some Countries experience in a year!! I have taken on a new role as "mould buster", not found too much yet, however i'm sure it won'tbe long before it rears its ugly green head!!
The city is well and truly cut off from the rest of the State. No deliveries can get through, so all shopping centres...supermarkets are running low on most neccessities. I am so grateful for "obssessive compulsive" personality in times like this, i can supply my street with toilet paper...tissues....long life milk...etc!! A few shopping centres had to close on Thursday due to the amount of water, swerage systems from public toilets were over flowing, underground carparks had one or two car floating in them!! Of course you always get the morons that decide to go "surfing" in the rivers and drains........a number of people having to be rescued by emergency services. I can't believe the people who drive like mainiacs in the wet weather......or should i say floods. "A" had Thursday off school, we were trapped in here at the beach. High tide was nearly a king tide at 9am, so the creek was just bursting its banks and the water was car bonnet high in several places along the road out of the beach. Who knows how long this will go on for.....its still raining and quite heavy. The cynics would say..."climate change".......the realists would say, its the wet season, perfectly normal. I have experienced this type of weather twice before in my near 20 years of living here, one of those times, much worse than we have it now.

The serenity of the city prior to the rain.....................
And down it came..................

Where the creek mouth meets the sea............

Guys, i'm on my laptop, my PC appears to be affected by the humidity......or perhaps something else, who knows, so if i disappear from commenting/posting you know why.

"TL", you take your bloody rain back to Darwin now!!!!


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