Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I have been absolutely "gob smacked" at the recent footage of the MSC Napoli, that has run aground off Devon in the Uk. I can't believe ( and i truly could never see myself ever doing it ) people would pick over, loot and steal from the shipping containers prior to the vessel sinking.

Footage of young children sitting on the beach in the middle of the night in howling wind and rain whilst their parents steal motorcycles....jewellery, wine barrels, car parts and other items....just leave me speechless. What moved me even more so, was an elderly woman who recognised her own antiques on the news.......that someone had a hold of!!! Imagine, moving from the USA to the UK, everything you own is in a shipping container.....the vessel runs aground, and people force open your container and steal all your possessions!! Guess what people.......there's not a thing the cops can do! If you are a looter, and have stolen, you have 28 days to surrender the goods otherwise you risk prosecution, but how are the cops going to find you?? Unless you've been caught on tape, the booty is all yours!!


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