Thursday, January 18, 2007

Flotsam & Jetsam

I have enjoyed every minute "A" and i have had on holidays. Its been so much fun laughing & giggling & teasing each other;she really is an absolute delight to be around. One more week left before she heads into the 7th grade and her last year of primary school. The last 5 weeks we've spent, baking, reading, swimming, watching movies, taking photos, visiting the aquarium and the wildlife sanctuary and just generally enjoying each others company and the Summer sun :o)
Its also given me a chance to unwind and relax. I love not having to rush of a morning.....getting "A" to school......and organising myself for a day in court......visits with clients..........a zillion phonecalls........or motivating myself for a day of study and deadlines. There has been none of this for 5 weeks......heaven!! I still have a few more weeks off....Judges not back yet :o) and University semester does not begin till the end of February. So when "A" goes back, i'll have time to myself for a few weeks before another year of life in the fast lane!! I still have more books to read & enjoy......cross stitch......scrap booking.......and general lounging around.
How good are you at consuming things in your fridge before having to throw them out?
My NY resolution was not to have one, but i kind of did a back flip...........i decided this year, i was not going to throw away as much food from the fridge as i normally do. I am very bad......very. I buy food...fruit...eggs etc with the best of cooking intentions. However a few weeks go by and i find half a watermelon still not cut.....and all mushy!! OR, go to make acake only to find the eggs i want to use are hollow!! This year, i am doing pretty well so far, i think i have only thrown out a green pepper!! How bad are you??


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