Monday, January 08, 2007

Things that make you go "URRGHH"!

Is nothing sacred anymore? I have been hearing it for the last week, but chose to use the "seeing is believing".....well, i believe!! Hot Cross buns on sale in ALL our leading supermarkets, and have been for a week.....only a couple of days after Christmas. Money grubbing #@#@@#!!!

Ghost Riding, i'm sure this won't be a new phrase to my American friends, it's been around in the States for at least 10 years. In typical fashion, it takes a while, but Australia does eventually catch up to the rest of the world, we now have our first ghost riding morons. Ghost riding involves leaving the wheel of a moving car and walking, running, or dancing beside it.
It's a craze that's catching on, especially on the Internet, with young people making and posting hundreds of ghost-riding videos online.
Teens ghost ride on suburban roads, in parking lots, and on the freeway.
Some of the stunts are highly choreographed, with kids jumping in and out of moving cars. What the hell are these kids thinking? Train surfing killed a number of people a few years ago here in Australia, ghost riding is the newest thrill seeking behaviour. Absolute brainless twits.

Lastly, the humble toilet roll that millions of Australian kindergarten kids, pre schoolers and first graders, all grew up with, building architectual winning designs with, is being BANNED!! Thats right, no more collecting the empty toilet rolls and taking them to school for the kids to create. Some do-gooder has decided after 50 years, that it is un-hygenic. I wonder how many kids have keeled over from building their perfect creation from toilet rolls? Foolish do-gooders :(


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