Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nine Million Bicycles.........

MORE than 89,000 people were killed in traffic accidents on China's dangerous roads in 2006, about 245 every day, state media said today.
The figure was down 9.4 per cent compared with 2005, the Xinhua news agency said, citing the Ministry of Public Security.
Out of the total for 2006, 76,000 deaths were caused by speeding, drunk driving or other types of violations, according to Xinhua.
China's roads are seen as among the most dangerous in the world, with the World Health Organisation saying the Chinese Government could be massively under-reporting road fatalities.
It said there may be more than twice the official number of deaths, as official figures largely come from police reports and not from hospitals or medical clinics.
Now this really surprises me. For some reason i thought bikes were more popular in China than cars. I realise the population is massive, still, if you do include the under reporting, surely this is a huge figure? I wonder how it compares to your Country? Not too sure how it compares to here, its too early for the ABS to have a breakdown of figures yet, i do know that more males than females were killed in road accidents here in 2006.


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