Friday, December 15, 2006


I am so sorry folks, it appears Google is holding me to ransom and refusing me "commenting rights" on those of you who have switched to Beta. I've tried everything....even the Anon thing.....nada :( It appears i may have to open a Google Account to be able to comment, i promise to look at this on the weekend, otherwise, i have no idea why i am being refused.

"A"s last day of school today, she has 6 weeks off before heading back to face her last year at Primary school. Her final report card for the year saw her excel in Earth Science, Indonesian, Technology and Environmental Science...all "A"s....with "B"s in Maths, English and Music which makes me a very proud mum :o)

So, tell me, how's your Christmas shopping going? Have you finished? I have one more gift to buy...."A" wants the new Totally Spies 2 Nintendo Ds should have come out today i hope, otherwise she'll recieve an IOU from Santa!

I have managed to get the house in order and most of my chores completed. I even have my first load of court dates for next year! Joy o Joy! So i am catching up finally. I hope to even get some Christmas baking done next week, of course with "A"s assistance :o)
I hope you're all well and at peace.


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