Sunday, December 03, 2006

Excuses excuses!

It's an overcast and humid day here today; the 3rd day of Summer. "Things" are slowly getting back to normal, my house is much cleaner, just don't look at the floors, and i only have 2 shirts left to iron :o). As for the god, its the worst i've ever seen absolutely......tropical for sure.........but OVERGROWN :( it needs cutting back, weeding and tidying badly.

So where on earth have i been these last few months?? I owe an explanation.

Well, this year has been a real mish mash for me.....quite a few lowlights rather than highlights. Rather than blog or talk about low times, i tend to just stay quiet, not too sure why that it is, although i'm sure my mother has a hand in it somewhere!!! So, whats been happening?

As you know March had us evacuated from this house due to "Larry", the category 5 cyclone that hit not too far from me. A huge tidal surge was on the cards which is why we were forced to leave. Call me a wimp, but this really took its toll on me emotionally. If you've never been through it, you can only imagine the fear.......its a fear i fight every Summer for the last 17 years. Work has been just insane. I seem to work my backside off for 6 weeks.......mentally draining, loads of calls...interviews.......and being verbally abused by my clients parents for "slowness in the system". Then for 3 months it eases back and sees me with a reciever stuck to my ear. University life has become busier....more time consuming with assignments much larger and challenging. Not for one minute do i not enjoy studying....i do.....but the juggling Uni and work and more importantly, family was an issue. "A" is in her last few weeks of school before Summer holidays. The last few months have been extraordinarily busy coping with her needs also. Her homework has required my help.....of course i want to encourage her and assist in any way i can. She's had a huge year which has culminated with her being nominated School Captain and Prefect for her final year next year. Just to be nominated is a feat in itself, i am so proud of her hard work and commitment what ever happens. My boss literally flew into town. Well, this woman made my life a living hell. It would take a month of Sundays to explain everything that occurred, suffice to say i am looking for another job, it appears my firm do not uphold the same values they did when i first began 5 years ago. Lastly, i have been battling a virus;Ross River Fever. Its a mosquito born virus thats symptoms are like Cronic Fatigue Syndrome. My muscles and joints ache, but, i fight aint going to win! They tell me i can/will be symptomatic for 7 years.....some days good....others bad.

The good news is i have one court date left, a few clients to visit, University is over till the beginning of March and i have managed to get my house back to its pristine self, leaving more time for me to enjoy some leisure time.

So that is my mission, to enjoy your blogs ( some i have caught up with, many i have not....i am getting there, i just want to read everything i've missed these last few months), to enjoy my a bunch of new some crafty things, spend time with "A" and of course, relax.

So guys, have you began your Christmas shopping? The stores here are crazy already :((


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