Monday, November 20, 2006



Only 400 words left of my 20,000 word University folio to complete, and 3 more days of court and i am a free woman!!! Kind of. I have to iron....seriously, i really DO have to iron. I've not ironed in 5 weeks, we're running out of clothes. My house looks like i have been well and truly cured of my obsessive compulsive disorder as does the garden.....but at least its green...just like the pool before i added chemicals.....its sparkling now, was 95dgs a few days ago!!

Hugs and kisses to all of you who have left comments and well wishes, you know it never goes un noticed :o) My first goal beside the ironing (last thing i need is an indecent exposure charge), is to catch up on all of you, boy do i have some reading to do!! Can't wait.....i'm soooo excited to finally be catching up with all of you.....wish we were all closer, could make a party out of it!! Imagine!

To those of you whom i keep regular contact with via my aussie email address, please email me! I now have a brand spanking new computer, however my tech guys forgot to save my address book, and my laptop only has a few addresses in it so i can't use that either.

See you all soon.......Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends :o)


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