Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Raising the Age

Much disscussion in my city this week, has been focused on the amount of car fatalities this year. This year looks to be the highest for fatal car accidents in 30 plus years. In the last month the amount of deaths on the roads here have gone into double figures. Most due to the fatal seat belt, fatigue, drunkeness and speed. A visiting American scientist has suggested Australia raise the current age of 18 to 21 as the legal age for drinking alcohol and i'm inclined to agree with her. There is no doubt that the majority of deaths on our roads come from the 17-25 age bracket, males and booze are a huge contributing factor.
Deaths on American roads are no where near the staggering figures Australia produces, i have to wonder if it is due to the legal age one can drink?

till next time, Michelle.


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