Monday, December 11, 2006

What in the World?


Wagih "Zac" Fares has been slammed by readers today after we revealed how he punched a wall and threw tables in a school hallway in a violent rage after being called a "terrorist" by a teacher.
This afternoon he has said he was stressed because his family was worried about relatives in war-torn Lebanon.
He has also said he can never return to Blakehurst High School while the teacher is there.
Of the more than 300 comments we have received, most blasted Wagih, 16. Many also sharply criticised teacher Michael Seymour, who faces an anti-discrimination board complaint after the classroom confrontation, revealed by The Daily Telegraph on the anniversary of the Cronulla riots.
The clash exploded at Blakehurst High School when legal studies teacher Mr Seymour told Wagih, after a classsroom altercation, "I don't want to negotiate with a terrorist."
Outraged by the slur, Wagih, 16, punched the classroom wall and door before running from the school pursued by Mr Seymour in his car.
Wagih shouted: "I'm not a terrorist. How can you call me a terrorist? Do you know what is happening around the world?"
He said Mr Seymour replied: "I'm sorry, Zac. Please don't run. I'm sorry, just calm down." After returning to the school Wagih picked up tables in a hallway and threw them, again screaming: "I'm not a terrorist."
Mr Seymour, a teacher for 20 years, was reprimanded and ordered to attend a multicultural sensitivity course.
It was found Mr Seymour had not intended to shock, embarrass or humiliate Wagih but his family claim Wagih he has lost all confidence and his self-esteem.
Unhappy about the school's handling of the matter and concerned about Wagih's future treatment at the school as he enters his HSC year, the Fares family, of Brighton-le-Sands, has lodged a complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Board. They want Mr Seymour kicked out of the school.
The boy and his family are now considering legal action ....compensation $$$$$.
CONTRACEPTION efforts in India are failing in part because men are using condoms at least 5cm too large for them.
Indian condoms -- vital in attempts to achieve population control as well as todeal with the HIV/AIDS infection rate -- are made to an international standard.
But surveys by the Indian Council of Medical Research have found that Indian manhood, in many cases, is not.
"While improper usage is one of the reasons (for the high condom failure rate) there is also condom slippage or tear, which is associated with the size of the condom in relation to an erect penis," said Chander Puri, the director of the ICMR's National Institute for Research.
The survey began with computerised images, which were eventually discarded in favour of a simple paper-tape method.
The study has apparently correlated penis size with socio-economic status, geographical location and the overall dimensions of the male.


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