Friday, January 05, 2007

Keith Urbans Stand In!

Ever since "A" was born, i have become a light sleeper. I usually go out like a light for the first 2 hours, then, for the remainder of of my slumber, i sleep with one eye open....kind of!

Being a light sleeper, i remember my dreams. I don't know what on earth i ate before bed time the other night but boy, it turned me into a "rockstar" !! From what i remember, i promised one of the cops i regularly work with that i'd get Keith Urban to sing at the policemans ball!! "M" came to me and told me that she was finding it difficult looking for someone, i remember saying, "Ohhh, for heavens sake, leave it to me, i know Keith Urban, he'll do it" LOL!! "M" proceeded to tell me how grateful she was, i then had a bunch of other cops i associate with phone me expressing their excitement!! What the??? LOL, I don't know Keith would i be doing organising the policemans ball?? Where did this come from? Well, it turns out, i had the venue all lined up.....and Keith said yes! I am good!! Well, the night of the concert, i was chatting with some work friends.....cops etc....everyone was excited. That was, till i got a phonecall on my mobile.....Keith couldn't make it!!! OMG, what was i going to do? A few thousand cops, lawyers & friends filled a huge auditorium! I did what any other gal would do....................go on myself!!! I remember singing from a sheet i held in my hand, thankgod i woke not long after, i'd hate to have witnessed any more! Lordy....:o)


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