Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm Free!

This is a Rainbow Lorikeet, i am fortunate to see them everyday in my garden. This one is trying to escape the rain, and myself, they adore the papaya & mango. I wouldn't mind except they bite a few holes in fruit instead of eating a whole one!!

"A"s first day back at school today as my big grade 7 girl :o) Her teacher appears nice enough, she taught grade 8 kids last year at a local High School.....proboably the one "A" will attend next year so at least she'll be able to help with the transition. The class "A" is in this year has 25 kids, this is 5 more than she's been used to. The room they're in is huge, but empty!! Unbeknowns to me, and probably many parents, is that Primary/State School teachers buy much of the stuff we see in class rooms such as posters, stickers, etc, lots of different bits and pieces. So the classrooms "A" has previously been in have been warm and resourceful. This one looks awful and bare, just a huge room full of desks and empty shelves :( because the teacher that taught in that room last year took with her/him all the gear to the classroom they have this year! In High School, everything is provided for the teachers, so having a teacher come from teaching High School to State School......she comes with no resource equipment. I think "A" is in for an easy year school work/home work wise. Her teacher last year was brilliant, really in touch with every kid, knew each child strengths and weaknesses, loved his job, homework had to be done and in on time otherwise parents would be notified, and if you were a parent who did not like your child having homework, then that was fine, but your child wore a lesser grade on their report card!! Whilst the kids, were "blahhh" on the homework side, they loved this teacher......respected and admired him. His reputation was widely known and the school will be at a loss without him. He and his wife are pregnant so he asked for a transfer to a school closer to his home. It shall be interesting to see how the year unfolds for "A".

Lastly, i just wanted to mention a few of my blog friends and their wonderful cooking skills!
If you have time please visit PBS and
AngelaMarie they both have yummmy recipes on their site. TG often has some interesting recipes also, and if you're into cooking gadgets like moi, head over to
Dave's he has the cutest muffin maker ever!

Have a super week all!


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