Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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Since when has "Sock Wrestling" been part of the 7th Grade curriculum?

Lordy, we've had non stop rain for nearly a week.......its been heaven, although i think i hear the mould begining to grow...must make mental note to check everything leather ;o)

Ok, enough rambling......better late than never, firstly a "tag" from "Faith".......A Film Meme......

1. Your Favorite Film?
Jeeez, i have so many but if i really have to choose one, then
"To Kill a Mockingbird"

2. Your Favorite Film Priest?
The guy out of "The Thorn Birds"

3. Favorite Film Nun?
Hehehe,...Woopee Goldburg!!

4. Favorite Religous Movie?
Greatest Story Ever Told.

5. Favorite Comedy?
Again, i have sooo many, hmmmm......
Team America!

6. Favorite Action Film?
Ok, i have way too many that i like so i can't answer this.

7. Favorite Thriller?
Saw & Saw2 & 3

8. Favorite Foreign Film?
Jeeez, it was Japanese and had Zombies but i can't remember it!

9. Favorite Lifestyle Film?
I have no clue.

10. Favorite Animal Film?
Happy Feet!

11. Favorite Animated Film?

12. Favorite "B" grade Movie?
Hehehe...Soylent Green

13. Favorite Black Comedy?
Pulp Fiction

14. Favorite Period Film?
Joan of Arc

15. The most important Film in Cinimatic History?
I don't believe its been made as yet.

Now, "Jen" also tagged me, "Name 6 weird things about yourself"
Only 6???!!

1. I like to have very short toenails, but my fingernails are long!

2. I never eat breakfast before 9.30am, even if i am up at 5am!

3. I have many floor mats in my house, i spend everyday moving the ones which are not straight!! They move when one walks on them because of the ceramic tiles!!

4. I will forfeit the "best seat" if it means excusing myself as i squeeze past people!!

5. I am most comfortable wearing ancient clothes with holes in them ( only at home though LOL, i'd never wear them to work or out in public!!).

6. I hate make-up, its the first thing that comes off (besides my bra) when i walk in my front door!

So folks, feel free to steal for your own use ;o)


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