Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I don't like Mondays....Tuesdays.....etc etc

Hi everyone. Finally i am able to post something. The last few days, new Blogger has not allowed me to post, AND it ate my side bar which contains my Blogroll, what i use to visit you all by. I have republished etc and it appears to have solved the problem. I then had "haloscan" not allowing me to comment back to your comments............jeez never a dull moment!
My first day back at work in court yesterday......i swear i should have stayed in bed. It was also first day back at University.....i am so overwhelmed with work and Uni.......i feel myself tensing up, thinking about everything thats required of me. I don't know if i can manage to work flat out for 9 months, like i have been the past few years. Its like i never got off that rollercoaster from last year! I'm not sure when i will get the chance to visit, i will try and post though.
Some of you were asking about the colour in some of the photos. Borders...colours refelections etc are all in Photoshop. The above has been enhanced with Flickr http://www.dumpr.net/
Take care, see you all soon :o)


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