Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wow, Mid April Already!

How patient you've all been with me and my *sporatic* blogging! I am so lucky to have you still pop in and say hello :) you make my day! I vowed this year i would not stress over "Blogging" as i did last year when work/Uni became so consuming. I still am irritated that i've not posted as often as i would like ( i still have tons of *issues* that have me fired up that i want to talk about....i will just save them for a wee bit later), and i am very concerned that i've not regularly visited you, my friends. But, i am grateful you stop by and visit me and take the time to email me, it really does mean a lot :o)

So, let me tell you whats inside my head that has me fired up today.....Concurrent Sentencing.

I have just about finished writing a paper on the subject. Very little has been written on the subject, and it appears not too much has been researched either.

I have just finished a sentencing hearing this week. The accused (19) has spent the last 12 months in pre trial custody and was found guilty on a number of charges ( burglary, break and enters, common assault etc). The most the Judge gave was 5 years on 1 charge of Burglary.....1 charge of Stealing, also 5 years, and a few other charges also 5 years. He recieved the max of 18 months on a number of minor common assault etc. Altogether if you add them all up....he recieved 27 years!! Concurrent sentencing means that the accused only recieved 5 YEARS MaX. Basically, they take the worst charge= the largest penalty and you get all the rest of the charges for free!! So in this case, the accused got 5 years, BUT has already served 12 months, he will be up for parole at the end of the year! Discounted Sentencing!

Its great for criminals, they know they can commit a burglary at 12am......go from there commit a break and enter........from there, steal a car......from there bash some poor unsuspecting sole and steal their wallet.......then break into a charged and convicted for all but only recieve 5 years because thats the largest penalty (Burglary).

Man, i hate Concurrent Sentencing :( I wish i could force the Govt to legislate that Yes, serve that Max of 5 years BUT add a percentage for every charge a crim is found guilty on.....much fairer, do you think?


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