Thursday, February 10, 2005


Because i appear to have caused an uproar in my last post, i feel the need to clarify my point.
The whole reason behind me posting it was of course to envoke some chatter on "courtesy & selfishness". The point i was trying to convey and question, was/is societies and individuals standards towards others.
The "trailer trash" comment came about because the previous tennants were the sterotypical type straight off the Jerry Springer lot. To this day i am still haunted by them...they deliberately left their animals behind so i am feeding them. Still.
SW asked if i now hate my new neighbors. No i don't, infact i am not angry at them.......i am angry at the guys who's job it is to cut down the trees. You would think i am not the first to go mental at their actions. All it would have taken was a short note in my letter box advising the time they were coming and to take a few precautions etc. COURTESY.

end of story.


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