Friday, March 11, 2005

Blogger Woes

Heh, this cracks me up. Booger, have just launched their new support service today. Is it because of this service everytime i log on to peoples blogger comments, it pops up.."This blog is not found". This has happened on every single blog i read on a daily basis. Except of course those with haloscan. The thing is, halsoscan has probs too, so i don't see what changing over is going to do, except leave me looking like "Nigel no friends" after eating all my comments!
New one for Booger today though, and its never happened to me before, was that it decided on its own behalf to post 3 of my comments on a post without me even being logged in! SPOOOOOOOOOOOOKY!


Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

Yay! Hi! I'm very excited about the currently working comments. I pouted all day yesterday and today about it. I even complained to Bloooooger about it. I guess enough people sent in enough complaints.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

EP~ As you said...."viva la revolution!"

9:01 AM  

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