Monday, March 28, 2005

Yummy Sunday!

My goodness, what a busy but relaxing Easter Sunday we had. "A" woke me at 4.30am wanting to know if it was ok for to remain awake after to going to the loo! Well what could i say, i had been anticipating an early one from her so of course i agreed. I remained in a vegitive state all day, however it did not prevent us from scoffing off a few dozen eggs throughout the day. Infact "A" had eaten 10 by the time she was ready for breakfast at 8am!!
It was an extremely hot day, still we travelled into town for the craft markets and a leisurely wander round the shops that were open. Of course my fav bookshop was open so a decent hour was spent scavenging through its shelves. Naturally i came out a little less richer than i did went we went in!
On the way home we stopped off at the bakery and bought some fresh bread and rolls for lunch and dinner. A stop off at the video library and we were on our way home for the afternoon.
The afternoon was spent lounging round watching dvd's, stuffing our faces with chocolate.
It appears that my body is in need of a detox....*sigh*


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