Friday, March 18, 2005

Quiet Day in Blogland

How insane. I just timed how long it took Blogger to load the "create a post box" ........6 mins. I have had a pretty civilised day today, working from home, and whilst i should have achieved much more, it didn't happen. Blogger also took its sweet time to load on everyone else's blog i visited today. I swear, Haloscan is looking good....and i never thought i'd ever say it. Who the hell has the time to wait for folk's blogs to load, i sure as hell don't. So now, i have forgotton pretty much of what i wanted to say, so i will make it short.

Firstly...yesterday's post re petrol prices, i read today that they expect to be $1.20AU a litre by the end of next week due to rising oil prices. Unelieveable.

Scott Peterson on death row now huh. I find it just incredible that it can take on average 4 years for those such as him to find an appeals lawyer. LOL, i know first hand how slow the system is in getting matters to trial, i live with clients daily phoning me, asking me if i have heard anything from the Dept of Public Prosecutions office, the public have no idea how much goes into getting a matter to trial. They are the most important people in world, and think the system should be at their beck and call. Unfortunately it doesn't happen that way and if it did, i doubt anyone would be found guilty.

Robert Blake, got away with it huh. LOL, the look on his face when the verdict was read out...i think he really was surprised. Oh well, that's what you get when you have less than credible witnesses and evidence. No blood, no gun no nothing. You have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.....prosecutors couldn't do it :(
That's ok, the civil trial will get him......reasonable doubt is not called for...hehehehe.


Blogger Michèle said...

Nice blog! Blogger has been moving slowly for me too. It seems a little better today, though. Hopefully they've fixed the problem . . .

6:49 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Michele, WELCOME!
I too hope blogger is getting back to something more acceptable :o)

8:36 PM  

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