Friday, April 22, 2005


Well folks it appears i have succumbed to "peer pressure" and now a halsoscan debutante. Who cares that i lost every single blogger post; ( Magz this is YOUR fault) i can remember what everyone said, even that socialworker dude remember do gooder calling me a racsist!
Magz i hope this suits you, i know your a busy person and that the world revolves around you an all, letsface it, if it aint happenin to Magz it just aint happenin!!!!
LOL i can hear her calling me everything under the sun all the way from Az.
I hope this solves the waiting time that comes with blogger comments, if it doesn't i won't be happy!


Blogger Michelle said...

ohhhhh have i done. It was on here, i even tested it myself. perhaps i shouldn't have deleted the comment thing that it posted...gggrrrrrrr...crap this pisses me off.

4:43 PM  

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