Sunday, April 17, 2005

Like Chalk and Cheese

After reading "Erratic Prophet's" moving ( i promise one i will learn how to do those links ) post on her kids and how at times they appeared to be quite foreign, yet at others she felt herself emerging from them, she has inspired e to do the same.

Yesterday "A" decided to watch a dvd i had hired for her called "Two Brothers", it is an animal story about 2 tiger cubs, their trials and tribulations through to adulthood. So i left her all comfy in her beanbag in her bedroom, and went on to do the usual chores before we proceed eventually to the Mall later on in the day.
It wasn't long before i could hear "A" talking to herself. I went downstairs to listen at her door.........she was sobbing, "It's not fair, this sucks, why does it have to be so sad"?
"Baby, what wrong"? Iasked. "Why do people make shows like this mum, they are so mean and nasty?"? I was dumbfounded as not having watched the dvd as to what she was talking about. "A" then proceeded to tell me about the 2 cubs falling into a ditch, one escaped yet the other was still left there, in danger. So i told her that i was certain there will be lots of happy moments through the movie, and how i just knew there would be a happy ending ( praying).
Well she spent the next half hour crying, went through a box of kleenex and voiced her disgust at filmakers who make these types of films. I said " Ok, its not worth you being so upset, lets turn it off". "NO!!!!" she said, I will fast forward to the last 5 minutes and there had better be a happy ending! OMG, i am thinking, why does she do this to herself, and left her to it. Around 10 mins passed and i went to check on her. " Well, is it happy"? i asked. "NNNNNNOOOOO.....she said howling, look they are fighting in an arena ( by now the cubs were adults, and had been seperated for many years, must have been reunited ) one is going to kill the other". Suddenly one the tigers was having flashbacks to his cub years and remembered the other and the fun they shared. He couldn't kill him. Thankgoodness i thought. "A" was happy at the ending, but what a sad sack through the movie!

As a child until i had "A" i didn't get too emotional at really anything, i guess it was my upbringing, my dad never ever showed emotion and my mum was never really an emotional person, still the same today. After "A" was born my emotions took a left turn..............i cry at the ads on tv...soap operas........everything!!!

"A" is a funny little girl. I love her sensitivity she is sensitive to everyone's needs. I remember one day when she was 6 yold, a girl at school had ants in her sandwhich so "A" shared her lunch...i was soooooooo proud of her, and even now tears well in my eyes thinking of that moment. I don't think she gets that from me, its definately a trait of her fathers, as is her simplicity and lateral thinking. "A" is not one for fancy schmancy clothes. She knows what she likes and comfort is most in her mind when wearing clothes, not style. Unlike yours truly who at her age and as a teen would endure blisters on my feet just to be seen in THE latest shoes.
"A" thinks laterally, unlike me who looks for hidden meanings, agendas etc, holding most in contempt till i get to know them.
"A" does however share my sense of humor, fortunately or unfortunately she also has an identical laugh, so much so that a teacher one day thought it was me who she could hear laughing, but infact was "A"!!
Unlike myself but exactly as her dad, she is gentle. I go through life like a bull at a gate, "A" on the otherhand is very gentle, and softly spoken. Of course this is until she spots, a bee,wasp or spider.......of whom in our house are all deaf!!!

Well, its awfully quiet in this house at the moment so i guess i need to check on "A" and what she's up to. Have a great weeked all :o)


Blogger No_Newz said...

That poor baby! She's right and maybe one day she will make films for children that don't suck or make them sad. I'm thrilled to know you are raising a little girl who will not be all over those chick flicks. :)
Lois Lane

11:21 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Lois, "A" is a huge fan of movies such as 'The Mummy"..."Hellboy"...."Terminator 3 " ...."Irobot"...........definately not a chick flick gal!

8:14 PM  
Blogger Jade said...

I agree with A, they shouldn't make such sad movies for adults let alone children...

11:04 PM  
Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

Ok. I will make sure that neither kid sees that movie. I'd hear about it for the rest of my life. They're still giving me grief over E.T. and that had a happy-ish ending!

5:35 AM  
Blogger gemmak said...

Awwww 'A' sounds such a sweetie....but the film sounds horrid....poor little soul.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Madi said...

I love that laugh of yours and wish we could podcast it instead of all this text blogging.
The trauma portrayed in fairy-tales and kids flicks is supposed to prepare our young ones emotionally for what comes later in real life. Better to have watched it than not. Young “T” watches Hellboy too !?!
Love to A. Keep laughing both of you.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Jade ~ Agreed.

R ~ E.T was wonderful, but "A" cried all the way through it and will never watch it again!

Gem ~ She is, specially when she's asleep :o))

Madi ~ LOL...thankyou but i think i'd be thrown out of blogworld!!
Ahhh shall tell "A" that "T" likes Hellboy too....she'll be stoked!!
Love to everyone :)

12:46 PM  

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