Saturday, April 23, 2005

Problem Relationship

Narcissistic personality disorder : A personality disorder characterised by an exagerated sense of self importance., a tendancy to overvalue ones actual accomplishments, in need of attention and admiration. Person has a preoccupation with esteem, love and success, all fantasies of course, has emotional reactions to criticisim of self and others.

The above is what i seem to be dealing with at this present time. Noooooooooooo you sausages!!! It's not me, besides, i already have success, love and wealth neeeer neeer neeeeer AND i don't give a crap if you criticise me...i am used it...LOL, i also don't care you criticise anyone else.!!

A number of months ago i became friends with a lady, who at the time i found to be quite articulate. We were/are for want of a better word, "pen pals", she living across the seas from me. We began writing to each other, sharing quite a few things in common. After about 2 months i began to pick up on a few "nasty" things. Her letters became quite self absorbing, talking about herself, she had many qualifications she said, she made herself out to be poor yet was happy to quote figures of different items that she had purchased. She would tell me sad stories of illnesses that had occured that were not her fault but others. How her parents were these fantastic icons....everything to this women was on a grandiose scale. She had won prizes for writing, painting etc, pictures were hanging in galleries . There was nothing this woman could not do. Not matter what you had done, or learnt she already had done it or learned it.
I had become witness to these tendancies before. Many years ago i had a very good friend who was a recovering alcaholic, he too had very bad narrcsisstic tendancies, used to wonder why he could never hold down a marriage, he'd been married 3 times. He used to blame his parents for everything that was bad in his life. Our conversations were always about him, rarely would he inquire about my life. It took me ages to realise what he was about, until he decided to end our friendship right out of the blue. I was devastated but after many months i did an autopsy on our relationship and thought........hang on a minute!!! It should have been me who put a halt to this.

So, this brings me to today. I am going to slowly put this so called friendship of mine to a halt with this lady. I say slowly because i think she may become more of a problem later down the track and i don't just want to stop abruptly, i'd rather her stop it, it will be me, but i will let her think its her!

Tell me, do you have any problem relationships?


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