Monday, May 16, 2005


Isure have had a weekend full of mixed emotions.
I didn't even have my first coffee till 9.30am this morning. I've usually had 2 by then! I ran into a guy who told me he has 25 coffee's a day! LOL and i reckon i am bad having 6! Unless i'm out on the road visiting clients, i usually stop and get fancy coffee's at a coffee house in town.
The weather is cooling down quite a lot. It was cold last night, "A" came into my bed this morning and said the bedroom was freezing.We normally have mild nights in Autumn, round 21 degrees ( 68dgs) but the last 3 nights we've had around 12 degrees ( 46 degrees in USA). She was right, i left a window open and the sea breeze was coming in.....lovely! I'm one of these people who has the heater on with the window open..LOL i can't help it!! I need air!
Well, air i certainly bloody got on Saturday. Upon returing to my car, after the weekly shopping ritual, i found the passenger side window with a huge hole in it! Some bastard had thrown a huge rock through the window! Was very apparant it was done out of boredom or they were pissed off because our local football team got flogged by the Southerner's, the latter being the most certain. All i can say is that i hope karma comes back to bite you on the arse and that you are sitting in the passenger seat when a rock comes flying through your fucking window.
I went for a wander down the beach this morning. my goodness dead prawns everywhere washed up! Very odd indeed. I just hope the professional fishermen and their trawlers had nothing to do with it all.................i bet i'm wrong.
I had to call some clients this morning to let them know the verdict in a case i was invloved with. It was a call i didn't want to make, but turns out the police involved had already told them. How juries can get it all has to be a title of a book. How this jury could not find "intent" is beyond me........i just don't get it. You don't drop a lump of concrete on anothers skull to expect them to live DUHHHHH!! One of the morons is being sentenced today....i am loathed to find out how many years he got. I hope the judge gives the max for manslaughter.
I have had another case adjourned........i knew it would be.....not enough evidence. Why waste tax payers money.......ggggggrrrrrrrr really drives me crazy.
Remember, i posted about the house with all the animals. I was chatting to a police officer today, and she proceeded to tell me about a house she went to, heaps of animals with 2 giant snakes as pets...........roaming round the house!! LOL she said she had her hand on her gun ready. We were laughing at the thought of her going to her boss and telling her how she blew a snake away!!!
Well folks that's it for moi, i am off to grab a shower....i can feel the cool air coming in. I have "A" assistance in cooking Chinese food for dinner........yummmm..enjoy your evening/day :o)


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