Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend Over

Hi there all! Well my weekend sure went quickly with nothing too exciting happening, apart from the snake! I am very tired i don't mind telling you. I spent the whole weekend tied to this computer and half that time was spent fighting with it and its programs! Using Firefox as a browser has solved my IE probs, but this morning i got the "Firefox has performed an illegal operation bullshit". I re booted, but on occasion i would get that message...gggrrrrrr. I have to reformat, well not me, but some has to do it for me! Looks like i have to go back to the weasel i normally use. I loathe him, his arrogance and everything about him. The thing is, majority of the time he does a good job. He built this puter 3 years ago and its not had any problems for that long...till now. This guy is expensive but at least i know he knows what he's doing.I can use my laptop whilst this one is being cured! I hope he doesn't charge me the earth to re format. It's been such a pain to use it this weekend, i had to churn out my 2 Uni papers and i my rubbishy NANOANANO thing that's headed straight for the shredder at the end of the month. Both of these tasks had me burning the candle at both ends, i felt so tired last night. I woke up this morning my neck killing me and my lower back crippled! All from being stuck in a computer chair for 48 hrs! I'm not usually one for complaining about health problems on here, mainly cause i don't have any. Major ones that is. I do suffer from dermatitis this time of year especially on my legs, this year it appears worse than ever, so much so i made a docs appt to beg for cream. "A" cops it bad, she is allergic to pollens etc, and her skin...although still feels like baby silk, can suffer too.
I thought i'd post a couple of "greenery" photos since a few of you have asked to see a little more of my garden. I hope you all have a great Monday and of course a great week :)


Image hosted by

The "buggered if i know what it's called" palm!

till next time, Michelle.


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