Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Where's this year Gone?

Ihave to ask, "Where has this year gone". It's 7 weeks away from Christmas! It's crept up on me this year. I normally am very organised as "A"'s birthday is also in December, it combined with Christmas functions and Christmas itself, is a hectic time......................but i wouldn't have it any other way!! I love Christmas! I love everything about it....food....presents.....food........presents, did i mention the food?! Did i mention time off work?? I love that bit.........de stress time. Time for me to prepare for the following years work, time for me to decide on the subjects for the following years University semesters, and time for me to relax and un wind. I have so many things planned i bet i still won't achieve it all. Holidays for me begin 2nd week of December, as do "A". I have a pile of books i want to read, a pool to swim in, a sewing machine i've not touched in 12 months......i want to have a go at sewing some shorts for myself and "A". I want to make some new curtains for my office here as well. I want to spend time with "A", playing girly games! I want to do some much needed gardening, potting etc. I want to paint and varnish some furniture and clean this house...........properly! i want to take care of ME....relax...facial, exercise! Do you all get time off to relax at Christmas?

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till next time, Michelle.

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