Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy Birthday my Fairy Princess

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My thirty second birthday would have to be the most memorable. Disregarding of course my nineteeth birthday where my mother humiliated me in front of friends presenting me with "the barbie doll you always wanted", and of course my 21st birthday when i was pulled over for speeding by the local cops, dressed as a bumble bee on my way to a hall filled with 100 people ready to help me celebrate, of course mommy dearest managed to screw that for me too. As most of you know by now, my mother and i have a somewhat tempestuous relationship, basically our personalities clash, me with a personality and her without one. However, all of this is for another post.
I had just thrown in a job i couldn't stand anymore, my husband and i were financially secure so i could afford to quit. My 32nd birthday saw me head to the dr's for my yearly check up and i was to go from there to enjoy a birthday lunch with friends at a restaurant right on the beach in town (see photo below). My GP was a friend, lovely caring man, he and his wife both GPs and OBGYN's. "Michelle, how are you feeling on your special day" he asked? Tired actually, i said. Hmmm, lemme check you over, and he did! Took some blood and told me to pee in jar! Handed the jar back to him where he proceeded to do the limus test! "Michelle, i need you to sit down", errr ok, fine. "Michelle i have some news for you"...crap i thought, i have some dreaded freakin disease and he's gonna tell me on my birthday............geeez what a prick of a thing to do. "Ok...hit me with it" i said. " are pregnant"!! Well, with that, we both burst into tears...LOL. Tears of joy that is! Heh, so my darling Gp came round from his desk and starting hugging me, the both of us proceeded to jump up and down, doing the dance of joy! I think i must of spent over an hour in there with him, chatting, baby talk etc. I was delierous. How the hell am i going to keep my mouth shut over lunch.....i did though, although i couldn't stop smiling. I came home and told my husband......the tears flowed again....crap we were going to parents!!!
To cut a long story short i had the dream pregnancy. I listened to all the horror stories from friends and family, took it all in and remembered that every birth is different. We were not going to find out what we were having. Had my first scan at 10 weeks, everything fine. My next scan was not till i was 18 weeks, i went on this one by myself. Convinced i was having a boy all along, boys were the prominant sex on boths sides, specially my husbands, i made the decision to find out the sex. I was beside myself, a girl!!! Wooohooooo....exactly what i wanted! Now to tell my husband or not? I arrived home and was greeted at the door, before i could say a word he said..."You know what it is don't you"!!!! LOL, well all i could is smile and laugh...he knew. Well, we had a fair share of those criticsing us for knowing what we were having, but i didn't care. This baby was a wanted one, one that was already much loved, knowing what we were having made not one ounce of difference. I loved my pregnancy, and my belly continued to grow, and from March to November, those months grew warmer. My due date was November 22. Well, that day came and went. My belly was huge despite my GPs repeated attempts to tell me "She's only going to be around 6 or 7 pound", yeah right, sure. Every day there after i was in anticpation of pain. I tried all the usual things...running...walking....jumping up and down on the spot to try and get her out. I threatend her, told her she would be shipped off to my mothers for holidays LOL, nothing worked! December came, and my mind turned to thoughts of me being stuck in hospital on my own Christmas Day!
It was 7pm the 1st of December, i started getting back pain, wet to the toilet........blood. thinks its time. I called my husband at work, told him not to panic and when he gets the chance to come home, as we lived 30 minutes from the hospital. So as all you ladies know, the pain progressed, and i had a sleepless night. I packed my suitcase, and pain got worse, hmmmm better phone the hospital....nope you still have time wait till the contractions are 5 mins apart then come in. So by this time it was 12pm Saturday and i was in pain, the swearing and cursing had started, so off we went. I felt every damn bump, pothole and thing on the road on the way to the hospital. After checking in at the labor ward, i was poked and proded and told, sorry, your only 3 cms dilated! 3?, crap, i knew you had to be at least 10 for stuff to start. The pain became unbearable so i begged for every kind of drug they had...gimme it all!!! The gynocologist told me her head was stuck on my spine and pelvis, refusing to move. I didn't want to hear that, just gimme the freakin scalpel and i will cut her out myself damn it! Whilst this was going on, my husband was offered a roast beef dinner with veggies....he proceeded to eat it in front of me in the birthing unit!!!! Hell, he couldn't see anything wrong with that...he'd not eaten for hours either! So you got the writhing round in agony, cursing all the doctors, whilst my husband eats his dinner! At that moment he also took the oppurtunity to inform me that he'd purchased 7 white business shirts so he doesn't have to wash and iron his shirts whilst i'm in hospital!!! Well, i think that must of pushed me over the edge, cause i went beserk. "I want her out now you fu^%$#@ bas^%$ ya hear me!!" At that moment, a gynocologist whom i'd never met came in with some weird looking contraption. "This will get your baby out, i will put the suction cap on her head and we'll suck her out"!! I don't care how you do it, just get her out! And with that, they did! So, at 9.30pm December 2nd 1995, "A" came into this world a mop of auburn hair, weighing 9 pounds, and 54cms, screaming her head off!!! Thankfully, she has stopped screaming, and i have remained cursing ever since!
Happy birthday my precious pumpkin, you have provided both your father and myself endless amounts of joy,love and happiness. Love you my darling, enjoy your special day :o)
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till next time, Michelle.

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