Thursday, December 22, 2005

Relaxation at Last

I spent the day with "A" yesterday at a kids indoor play centre.....air conditioned!! I took her there as the elecrticity company was turning the power off in our suburb for 5 hours. It's bad enough without the air conditioning, but combine that without ceiling fans, i reckon i'd be suicidal!!
The place was rather busy, "A" had a fun time and i managed to read quite a chunk of my novel and have a few relaxing coffee's at the same time!
We then called into one of our shopping centres just to have a browse around, of course coming out with an arm load. The town has a population of 155,000....i reckon they were all there! After stopping off at the local DVD library, we headed on home where we managed to fit in "Fantastic 4". We both loved it, suckers for action movies, it was a fun movie.
As you can see from post below, santa came early and delivered me air conditioning around an hour ago. Fantastic, i am so grateful.
We are off to do some food shopping in a few minutes as i just know it will be a pain to do it all tomorrow, i sure as hell am not venturing out on Saturday.
I was thinking, this year will probably be the last that "A" believes in Santa. Occasionaly this year she's mentioned that kids in her class don't believe, that "it's your mum and dad that leave the presents, and eat the cookies and milk". I said to her, what do you think? Funny, i think deep down, she knows it's mum and dad, but the little girl inside wants to believe it's Santa. I've always told her if you don't believe, then Santa doesn't come, and she quoted me that back. I said to her, when she's ready to know the real truth about Christmas, then come ask and i will tell her honestly. I don't think she's ready to know, she's quite happy to keep Santa alive :o)

till next time, Michelle.

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