Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hot Stuff

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Park with a view.

It's hotter than hell here folks, even my weather pixie has thrown away her bikini at 38C (105dgs) and melted off my blog!! Unusually we have a hot north wind blowing to make it all the more hotter......i swear to god i must have done something so bad in a previous life, this is gods way of punishing me without air conditioning, hhmm i wonder if mummy dearest could be behind it, who said i was paranoid?!!
"A" spent the day in the pool, and sucker me, spent the day doing housework that should have been done yesterday, however i endured the Christmas madness in one of our shopping centeres. We did however get a chance to go for a walk as you can see by the photos above; yesterday was not as hot as it was today, so it was quite pleasant.
So, hows your weekend? :o)

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