Thursday, December 15, 2005

Back Again!

Hi all, my goodness it certainly feels longer than 8 days since my last post. Let me tell you the sad and sorry tale. One afternoon a week or so ago, i had trouble retreving my mail and being able to browse the net. I figured it was my internet provider having server probs and they would be back on line soon. Same evening....nada. The following morning also the same. I went about my business for a few hours and then decided to call the internet provider......BIG MISTAKE. I ended up with a woman in India, who could not understand what i was trying to explain to her, and i could not understand a word she was saying, to make matters worse, i was getting an echo of my own voice too!!! I endevoured to try and speak to someone who spoke english......nobody.....just wonderdful coming from an Australian company.......out sourcing to India. The Philipines also.....that was the next woman i spoke to, who then proceeded to force me to change settings didn't work. I then was told to call my phone company......perhaps the phone lines were screwed? Well at least this time i got an aussie!!!! Nope phone lines just fine. So as of today, my desktop computer is working wonderfully, however i can't recieve emails and when i click on the internet my home page loads only to be timed out with the "this page will not display" error.
Now, whilst i had no luck with anything, i figured i would use my laptop. My laptop is primarily for work purposes ad study. I hold very little in the way of etc on here. So, i fired her up, and was working definately not the phone lines or the internet provider at fault. So, i downloaded some virus definitions and walked away. I came back 10 mins later, my laptop was in hibernation mode. I ran my finger over the pad, it turned itself off. I tried to turn it back on............omg, 4 loud beeps, and it refused to be turned on.
By this time i was a mess. Tons of tears, and frustration. I felt like a drug addict gone cold turkey. My reliance on the net is huge. I use it for work references.....i use it for results.......keeping in of course blogging. I phoned the dealer and they told me i was out of warranty by 4 months.....figures. I called a place in town here who services my brand of laptop. They were wonderful people. It turned out i had a power surge and the computer went into shut down mode. Fortunately nothing was lost, and all they had to do was reset a few things. So at least i have a working computer. I actually think i will call them and get them to take a look at my desktop. My horrible arrogant tech i use for the desktop is away and will not be back for another week. I am certain it will be something so bloody obvious, it has to be, everything else is working like a charm.
My friends, i missed you all like crazy, and missed reading your posts. I look forward to catching up with each and everyone of you; just bear with me, i will get around to you all.
It's so good to be back :)


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