Saturday, December 03, 2005

Morning After the Day Before

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Indeed it is the morning after. Thanks all so much for "A"s birthday wishes, you guys are the best :o) It appears, a great day was had on the school excursion. I was bombarded with all in the information as soon as "A" jumped in the car after i picked her up from school. I learnt about a fish that we have here that's the only one in the world, all about the different varieties of sea turtles we have here and how much "A" consumed at the restaurant. It must of been italian because she smelt like an old italian grandmother! She was a tired sausage last night, after all she did get up at 2am to tell me she couldn't get back to sleep! Then finally arose at 5.30am to celebrate her day! By 8pm last night she'd had it, no battle to stay up longer, it was a mutual decision. I felt like going to bed a 8pm too. Whilst she was galavanting round the Great Barrier Reef Aqaurium, i was going through retail hell. I don't know what gets into people around Christmas time. It's like they have a "show no mercy" attitude all of a sudden, one, i may have to adopt if i am to survive the Christmas frenzy. Those women with SUV's (4 wheel drives) are still haunting me. I swear, if i were Mayor of this city, i'd ban them, or women from driving them! Well, it's our Saturday here, nearly 9am, time for my second coffee and a thousand and one houseold chores. Still, i am on vacation, so i can take my time. You all have a great weekend :o)

till next time, Michelle.
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