Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm just wild about Harry!

Itook "A" to see the latest Harry Potter movie yesterday. I went not expecting too much as i had read some reviews that had pretty much crucified it. With neither of us not being huge Harry fans, i was in anticipation of napping through the movie! To my surprise we both quite enjoyed it. "A" had previously seen the second one and it is still her favorite, but she still enjoyed this one too. We had a lovely mother and daugher day. After the movie we went to our favorite coffee place in a shopping centre nearby, where i had a huge caramel latte and "A" an iced chocolate. The day was an extremely hot 34C, but we only felt it as we emerged from the car. We had a browse around,posted a bunch of Christmas cards off, i was so disciplined to write out on Sunday, took some dvd's back to the dvd library and went to the supermarket.
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Note to my boss "S", chief, you do realise the meaning of the word "VACATION", it means holiday, rest, no work, time off, no court, no freaks, Michelle gets to unwind, chill, re group, get sanity back. It also means i'm not expected to WORK till March 1st. That's correct, look at the vacation planner on your wall......look at December 5th, 2005 it should read....."Michelle on holiday, do not assign new clients, tell old clients to piss off ,Michelle is on holidays and cannot be reached, not due back till March 1st ( unless a emergency court sitting takes place).
OK, now that we've established this, how come i turn my mobile phone on and have your voice telling me to call you, you have 2 new clients for me, how come i have a new clients mother blubbering on my voice mail her kid has to go to court and she has no idea why???
Do i have to go to the moon to escape? Maybe change my phone number? C'mon chief, a holiday is a holiday, i need a rest from the insanity of it all, it's been a long year and i've been covering 4 others arses as well as doing my own work for most of the year...gimme a break...........please!
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You see mother, here's the deal. When your eldest grand daughter turned 10 last week, she did not expect one thing from you. She did not query why you had not bothered calling her or sending a card to wish her a happy birthday. You see, at 10 she's no fool. I try to keep my feelings about you to myself, withold my anger, frustration and disgust in front of her as i do not want to influence her in any way. You see, she has you figured out on her own. Today when that familiar handwriting was staring at me as i opened the mailbox, it was all i could do to remain calm. It was nice of you to remember, sure it was 5 days late, sure the card was appropriate for an elderly old woman......all those roses and gold leaf, and the fact that you paid 50 cents for it, geez you could have bothered removing the sticker. Still, lucky my child as the manners, humility and grace to say "Oh a card from nanna", without critiscism. You mother, are lucky to have my child as your grandaughter. For she is a much nicer human being than i will ever be.

till next time, Michelle.
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