Friday, December 16, 2005

The loons, they find me!

So my friends, how does one spend an 8 day forced sabbatical from blogging? Well, i managed to get some much needed Christmas shopping done. I also managed to write and send the rest of my Christmas cards.....apologies to those in the States if your card is a little late....aussie snail mail! I managed to mend a number of pieces of clothing, mainly "A"s on my sewing machine. Boy was that an experience. I had not used my sewing machine in well over 12 months. When "A" was a baby i used to make her clothes as well as a few things for me and i also made curtains for my office. Amazing, i can't believe i did all that, i have to force myself to remember how to read a pattern these days! I have spent quite a bit of time with "A", playing board games and generally relaxing, its been good for us.I was even coaxed into jumping in our pool! Her school report was wonderful, recieving 2 gold medals for maths and science and a possible 30 commendations out of 30! What a superstar! I was so impressed with her teachers comment....."A" is such a pleasure to teach, a wonderful little girl who often goes out of her way to assist children who are struggling". Thats my girl :)
Of course i'm on holidays from work......well, i think my boss has forgotten as i have a bunch of new clients referred to me. It appears i also have a new woman joining our firm here. My boss gave her my phone number and it appears this lady is a founding member of the company i work for. She is in her late 50's and is looking for a few cases now and again. Problem is, she lives over an hour and a half from me. I wanted to arrange a meeting with her so i could have a chat about new legislation she has no clue about, so i offered to meet her half way. Now, here's the "strange" bit. After offering to meet her for lunch or a coffee in town, she then invited herself to come stay at my house for a weekend, bringing her husband and 17 yold son!!! Now am i being unreasonable by thinking this woman is a "chicken short of a picnic"?? There is no way on this earth would i invite myself into someones life or home for a weekend that i had NEVER met!!! I swear, i can never escape the loons.....they find me!

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