Monday, February 06, 2006

Blog Ettiquette

Ok i give up. I surrender, wave the white flag. For an hour i have tried to post photos from photobucket and every time i right click the tag and put it on my blog only a third of the tag goes on here. Not too sure if it's a Blogger or Photobucket problem. I don't think it's anything i have done. I swear to god if you want to frustrate me easily, all you need do is have something on here not working.
Yesterday whilst Blogger was tormenting us all, i had a spare 5 mins so i quickly did a bit of a surf. I came across a few blogs that were linked together with the main topic of conversation being "Blog Ettiquette". One person was being persecuted, infact he was in breech of Blog Ettiquette! Well, at least that's what few commenters on the blog were saying. Not too sure what he'd done, as curious as i was i did try to find out.......nothing though. Although i did have a giggle because one commenter was irritated at another for not using proper paragraphs!!
So this got me thinking. Do we have a code of Blog ethics? Do you have your own code of ethics you try to follow? Do you even care?!!
I must admit, i kind of have a code of ethics.....the main being respect others opinions,recognise not everyone shares your opinions. The other would have to be "credit". That is, if i use anothers idea, link, etc i make sure i credit back to that person.
Personally my blog experiences have all been positive ones except for one or person decided to attack me for being what they believed a racist and another decided they liked my blog so much they virtually replicated it!!! As angry as i was about the racist taunts, that person eventually left me alone. The copycat still floats around the bloggesphere and hopefully will come to an unhppy ending one day. I guess i should be honored..hmph!
Ok back to Blogger Ettiquette, tell me do you have one? What do you expect of those who leave comments on your blog?

till next time, Michelle.


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