Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Observations

Firstly i want to thank everyone for their contributions to yesterdays post. I am very blessed to have the blog family i do. Everyone is very respectful of others, whether they agree or disagree. As i have said, i encourage everyones opinions, thoughts,feelings. I may not agree, i may agree, but i certainly learn from you. I would hate to think people are not posting because they don't agree with my thoughts or views, i'm happy to read them all :o)

I had a rather easy day yesterday, although did spend time chatting with a collegue in another part of the State, who is suffering the same types of issues i am work wise....i promise i will post about it shortly. So today i decided i had better head into town to the library for "A" who had a list a mile long, Officeworks and to supermarket as the cupboards were looking pretty bare. I had been putting this off as my foot is still painful, no matter if i wear heels or running shoes, it still hurts. I could go barefoot (i do at home) and blend in with the bums around town, however this town is too small and invaribly i would run into someone i know!! So i donned on the least painful shoes and dropped madam off at school, then off to town it was.
Nothing exciting occured, however upon passing one of our local cinema's i noticed Memoirs of a Geisha is showing. This got me to thinking about books made into movies. I am at the stage now where if i have really loved a book, i won't see the movie. I have been burned too many times before. "First Blood"....fabulous book, i read it when i was 17. I remember saying to my mother, this book will be great if it ever comes to the movies. HA!!! Sylvester Stallone playing the lead........what a disapointment that was. The image in my head, was of a very fit, athletic,lean character...............we get Stallone :(
I'm trying to think of other books made into movies that i have been let down in, i know there's tons, i just can't think, too late in the day. Anyhow, i loved reading Memoirs of a Geisha......i have seen the previews....enough for me to stay away!! How about all of you......have you been disappointed book to movie???

When i was in Target today, in front of me was a very elderly gentleman and what looked to be his 60 something son. The elderly man looked to be buying a plasma tv.....very nice. When asked for his pin number by the cashier, he was stumped. I felt so bad, i wanted to cry, god i'm a sap. I stood there whilst the man tried a number of combinations but to no avail. I watched the son become agitated, and hoped he wouldn't belittle his father. He didn't thankgod. His son eventually paid for it by credit card, and i gather it would all be sorted when they got home. It got me thinking, geeez our old folk go through some tough times. What if you had partial alzhiemers and couldn't remember? All the bloody passwords we're expected to remember as adults, pin numbers etc.......i have a hard enough time remembering about 30 assorted sets of numbers can we expect this of the elderly? I mean what if they had no family, lived on their own and wanted to buy food and couldn't remember the pin number? Just thinking about it brings me to tears...........shit maybe i'm hormonal LOL!! Breaks my heart...truly it does.

till next time, Michelle.


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