Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The thoughts occupying my brain today!

have a few things occupying my little old brain this morning. Just a few issues that concern themselves with fellow aussies, and i'm sure are issues which also rear their heads on your side of the world too.
The first is a recent push in our State of Tasmania to ban smoking in cars carrying children. Personally, i think it will be a bugger to monitor and enforce; however can only be considered as a good thing as far as the safety of our children is concerned. I can say that as i am a reformed smoker.....the worst kind!

The second thing that has me thinking this morning is a new computer game ready to hit the shelves here down under next week. It's a graffiti based game, one that includes train surfing and the use of graffiti on public property to win points etc. There is a graffiti lobby group in Melbourne who is pushing for the game to be banned here. It follows similar moves to New York, where the Mayor has also expressed his wishes for the game to be banned. Having studied extensively the success NY has had ridding it's rail system of much graffiti, and the reasons why graffiti artists do what they do, i can understand why the push for the game to banned. One can argue till their blue in the face whether or not a game such as this will encourage those who have never graffitied anything before to pick up a spray can, i personally think it may do so, but to a very very tiny amount of kids. The appeal will be to those who are already offenders.

The third thing to occupy my thoughts is the new truancy card issued to students (high school) in South Australia. The card is similar to a credit card, in that it is swiped and issued to students leaving school grounds for legitimate reasons. The new system theoretically should make it difficult for students to skip class. The card must be carried at all times when the student is not on the school grounds. I'm still thinking about this one!!!

The fourth and lucky last, affects me personally. (A) because it's an issue in my State and (B) because of my work and what i have to deal with on a frequent basis.
The Queensland Government are trying to push for no photo taking at sporting events. This comes not long after a man was arressted and charged with taking photos of kids at a local swimming pool and posting them on the internet. Many of you know my feelings about posting pictures of your kids on here, so i'm not going to harp on the potential risks and dangers again. I was listening to an interview with a grand mother who was most upset at the thought of not being able to take photos of her grand kids at a football game, and her argument that peadophiles will not be stopped by such a policy. I agree, they won't be, but do you really want to make it that much easier for them? Many schools here in Australia send letters home to parents asking permission to post their kids photo on the schools website.
It's a sad state of the world we're living in now. Globalisation and the internet has brought us all so much closer together, distance is not the issue it used to be. The internet has brought us old crimes but in newer forms, and they are growing. One must remember, as soon as you log on to the net, it's like being in the real world, anonimity is a thing of the past.

Just a few thoughts that are occupying my brain this hump day :)

till next time, Michelle.


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